Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm featured in a blog today!

I'm in the Friday Feature at Heather King Photography

Thank you so much to Heatherkingdesigns for featuring my pink polka dot flowers in her blog today!
I love making these flowers. They remind me of spring! I have a boy, so I don't get to use flowers on much of my own scrapbooks. I do sneak them in when I can and I use them on my nieces pages. So, I use them on my cards as I make tons of cards!

You can check out Heather's blog feature at:

And her Etsy shop at:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gotta love Spring!

I love Spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. Somehow I can come up with so many fun designs using flowers!

I've created a couple of new designs and have been having a ton of fun putting these together!
Check out my Etsy shop to see my other flower creations:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I created my first treasury!

I finally did it. I've had so many Etsy friends create treasuries, but I had never tried it. Finally, after some encouragement I finally tried it. I created my list in poster sketch:, I then waited until it was time for the list to open up.

I don't even know what I did, but next thing I know it was asking me for a title. I typed that in quickly, thinking I don't have much time. I then was faced with a blank page, with just my title and name. Now what was I to do? I didn't want to click on anything and loose my opportunity. I finally noticed the little spaces for me to type in the listing numbers. It took me a few to learn that on my poster sketch, if I click on the edit button under each item, it will give me the item number and I can copy and paste. Wow, now that was easy!

So, after an adrenline rush, the excitement is over. I guess I have to create another one now!

You can view it here:

Friday, March 5, 2010

My bookmark is featured today!

Thank you to Heather king Photography for featuring my rainy day "Scrapped" bookmark:
or on facebook at:

I had fun creating this bookmark just for this feature. She was looking for umbrella items and was having trouble finding any Etsy shops who had them. So, I pulled out my supplies and came up with this cheerful bookmark!

You can check out this bookmark and my other designs in my Etsy shop at:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Page maps

Ever get stuck on a scrapbook page and can't figure out what to do?

When I have that problem, I turn to Becky Fleck's web page:

They have not only page maps, but also completed pages with the design to give you all sorts of ideas.

Not only that they have card maps, round maps, tag maps, etc...

Check the archive section. You can also download and save the pages for future use. I save mine by number of photos. That way when you are creating a page, you can quickly open that file and go through your page maps. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Have a COACH you need to thank?

I find that I'm usually the creative one in the bunch! You know how everyone seems to point you out and say, "She's creative, she can do it." Well, that is true, but time is usually a problem for me. Somehow, I always find the time to get it done.

So, when I had to make two coach's cards this weekend, I decided to list them on my Etsy site in the event that others need them too.

I can custom create any sport and in your team colors. I can do a card or a gift card holder.

Check them out in my Etsy shop and then send me a convo about your sport, colors and design.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to create Glittered words

I've been on hiatus for too long. Sorry, recovering from the holidays.

I just created this card for my Etsy shop and thought I'd share instructions on how to create glittered words.

-I printed the saying on cardstock with my computer.
-I rubbed the paper with a dryer sheet to prevent the embossing powder from sticking where it's not supposed to be.
-I then used an embossing pen to write over the top of the words ROCKIN'.
-I then sprinkled black glittered embossing powder over the top and shook off the extra.
-I then heat embossed the glitter until melted.

This really adds a pop to all sorts of projects. You can add detail to any saying, title, clip art, embellishment, etc... and then emboss with any color of glittered embossing powder.