Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One more freezer t-shirt plus instructions

Here's one more freezer T!
These are really easy to make and you can create almost anything you can dream up!
-Cut out your design on freezer paper. You can use a die cut machine or copy something off the internet or a coloring book.
-Iron the negative image onto the t-shirt waxy side down. High heat, no steam.
-Put a piece of freezer paper or cardboard in between the layers of the t-shirt so the ink won't go through.
-Using fabric ink or fabric paint color your design. I found that the squeeze bottles worked well. Squeeze a small section of paint onto your image and use a paint brush to brush it on. Go back and forth and up and down. You can do a couple of coats to make it darker, if desired. If doing more than one color or design, let dry and repeat process.
-When dry (about 4 hours) remove the freezer paper. Lay a new piece of freezer paper over the entire design. Iron to set the paint.

Will wash well, turn inside out for best results.

These instructions are pretty basic, if you search you can find videos or other webpages with more detailed step by step instructions. But, pretty much these are really easy to make. Try it out on one of your stained t-shirts first then let you imagination sore!

Think.... tennis shoes, bags, pants, hats, etc..... :)

I've also tried this using the positive image. I've ironed on the image and then when cooled, I've used bleach water and randomly sprayed the t-shirt. When dry and the freezer paper image is removed, it resembles tie-dyed. I did this with a black t-shirt and the bleach left red and white splashes all over the t-shirt. My nieces had a blast making theirs.

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